Emporium Shokuhin, All Things Japanese At Marina Square

Emporium Shokuhin opened a few months ago. It is apparently the first integrated Japanese Emporium in Singapore featuring a live seafood market, a beef dry-aging facility, a Japanese Gourmet Grocer and 8 unique dining options, all located at a corner of Marina Square. The concept of this place is almost identical to Taipei’s Aquatic Development by the Mitsui F&B Group; and similar to Mario Batali’s Eataly in New York.

We managed to try 2 sittings; one at Senmi Sushi and the other at Tsukeru Shabu-Shabu.


Senmi Sishi is akin to Sushi Tei – reasonably decent food, not fine, at affordable prices. The Dynamite Maki roll of prawn tempura wrapped with torched beef strips was good good at S$15.


The salmon sashimi, including the belly, was of average grade.


A flask of hot sake costs S$20.

The ambience is the usual Japanese light-wood comfortable setting with counter seatings, in addition to tables and booths. There was a good crowd when we were there.

The second sitting at Tsukeru Shabu-Shabu is a comfortable experience if you like hotpot without the sweat.  Individual induction pots are available, with several choices of soup bases; we went with the Kombu seaweed and the Kurobuta miso stock.


For the ingredients we opted for the Kurobuta pork (very good), the beef striploin (average), and an assortment of vegetables and side dishes. Noodles wise, the Inaniwa undone was good but the quality of the normal udon was very poor to the point of tastlessness.


What I love is the condiments table where you get a mind-boggling selection of items to play mix-and-match.


The supermarket has an excellent selection of Japanese goods, and is really fun to browse.

The live seafood section is amazing, filled with all kinds of live underwater creatures, including a wide selection of fresh oysters.


The aged beef section is equally enticing with good cuts at reasonable prices.

Overall, I like the concept. Whats fun about this place is that all the restaurant outlets provide iPads at the table for you to place orders.


On the premises is also a playpen for kids while the parents enjoy an uninterrupted dinner nearby.

I believe Emporium Shokuhin would fly.

Emporium Shokuhin
6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-18 Marina Square,
Singapore 039594
Phone:+656224 3433

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