Siam Society: Eat Drink Love at Neighbourhood Thai Cafe


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The quiet residential neighbour of Braddell Heights, a David’s stone-throw from the Nex Shopping Mall off Upper Serangoon Road, is getting buzzy with the sprouting of eateries along a stretch of shophouses at Jalan Riang. There’s Rokeby, an Aussie-style bistro; Pizzaiola, a casual Italian diner; Wimbly Lu Chocolates, an eccentric cafe; Cajun King serving Louisiana-inspired seafood; and Siam Society, a little Thai cafe.

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Siam Society and Pizzaoila are my 2 favourites there; my family’s go-to for a quick Thai or Italian food fix a mere 5-minute drive from my home. This evening, we choose Thai for our Sunday night dinner. Siam Society  was bustling when we got there at 8pm.

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The cafe is simply decorated with a few colourful posters adorning the white-washed wall, but the place looks pretty in the evening washed with the warm lighting.

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The black formica tables works well to highlight the distinctive Thai style white-and-blue crockery.

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We started with the Mango Salad, which was tangy and spicy, and deceptively dangerous with the hidden chilli padi waiting to explode in the mouth of the unsuspecting diner; a perfect tear-inducing dish to whet your appetite.

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The Basil Pork was coarsely-minced pork sautéed with basil and Thai fish sauce, creating an explosion of piquant and herbal flavours in your mouth; an absolutely must-order to go with the piping hot rice.

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Making a good omelette is not easy. With their Tofu Prawn Omelette, the folks at Siam Society aced the test – fluffy golden egg ensconcing tender pieces of tofu and prawns – a quick fry at high heat with just enough oil to impart a lovely wok-hei smokiness. Simple yet delicious; a classic Thai hawker food.

2015-12-07 19.48.12_resized

The standout of the dinner was the Prawns Vermicelli; fresh and succulent prawns served in a tin pot with cloves of garlic and coriander roots, and al dente vermicelli that’s coated with a zesty sauce. A very delectable dish.

2015-12-07 20.03.37_resized

The Belachan Morning Glory was pungent and tasty, with the vegetables still crisp.

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The Seafood Fried Rice was disappointing though; I love the eggy Thai fried rice but the version here is a little tomatoey, and very pedestrian.

2015-12-07 20.07.27_resized

You can’t have  a Thai meal without finishing with a dessert of Mango Sticky Rice; here you get fresh mangoes with warm glutinous rice drenched with savoury coconut cream.

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The specials of the day are listed on a chalkboard at the entrance.

2015-12-07 19.47.00_resized

2015-12-07 20.06.52_resized

Service was brisk, and I like that they provide self-service canisters of water. Siam Society delivers solid Thai street-style fare at very reasonable prices in a comfortable setting. It is indeed a neighbourhood dining gem.

Siam Society
15 Jln Riang,
Singapore 358987
Phone: +65 6286 8603

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