Christmas Dinner Feast @ Home


Alan and I did a massive Christmas dinner cook-out at our home, and to celebrate birthdays of 2 family members.


It’s a labour of love – marketing in the morning and toiling in the kitchen the whole day.


It’s worth it; everyone’s happy and feted well – a blessed and wonderful family gathering.

DSC04934 copy

I love my Miele ovens indlugence – we did the Herb Roasted Chicken in the Microwave Combi Oven; and the Crackling Pork in the Steam Combi Oven


Look at how juicy the Pork Crackling is. Sliced through it like butter with my customised Gyuto knife from Tsukiji Masamoto knife-shop in  Tokyo.


The Herb-roasted Chicken, stuffed with vegetables and garlic cloves, was beautifully carved and presented by Alam.


The so-pretty Beets, Asian Greens, Orange & Goat-cheese Salad, and Tomato Baguette Bruschetta was executed by Katherine.


Here’s the Miso-Butter Corn with Taco shells.


The Sake-marinated Momotaro Tomatoes with Sesame Sauce is nicely chilled and refreshing.


The Salmon Sashimi with Yuzu-Soy Truffle Sauce is served on a bed of orange-juice infused sweet onion.


On the sea front, we had the Seafood Coppinio: blue crabs, prawns, red snapper and squid in a tomato chicken broth flavoured with crisped luncheon meat.


Continuing with the Italian theme, next came the Spaghetti Pomodoro and Spaghetti Vongole with fresh Venus clams.


To top off the dinner, we had a home-made Red Velvet Cake to celebrate the birthdays. A wonderfully blessed family dinner and gathering.


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