Uluwatu Cliffside Dining at The Warung

Eat, Love, Pray & Play Bali – Part 4.




We arrived  at the Uluwatu Temple just in time to catch the sunset. The cliffside views that surround the temple  are stunning, with the setting sun painting the sky a gorgeous golden hue.



We decided to dine nearby  at The Warung, one of the restaurants within the minimalistic-chic Alila Villas Uluwatu that’s perched precariously (like the temple) on the cliffside fronting the Indian Ocean.“Warung” means a small family-run casual shop or modest restaurant, although there’s nothing small or modest about this Warung – the lobby and labyrinth of passage ways, the sprawling grounds, and the reflecting pools are artistically lighted in the evening, creating an elegant and surreal ambience.


The use of wood features heavily in the decor. I love the rustic long table, made from the trunk of a single tall tree, that graces the main high-ceiling dining room of The Warung, adjacent to the open kitchen.


A wooden credenza in the room showcases the various local fruits, herbs and spices used as ingredients in the cooking.


For this evening, we partake of the Indonesian Culinary Festival with a delectable menu showcasing an authentic taste of Padang, West Sumatra, courtesy of culinary expert, author and entrepreneur Reno Andam Suri.


The delicious crispy crackers entertained us as we waited for the main dishes.


Gulai Kepala Ikan dengan Daun Ruku-ruku (snapper fish head broth).


Rendang Ikan dengan Daun Pakis (curry fish).


Ayam Goreng Khas Nagari Kapau Rendang Itik (fried chicken and duckling).


Rendang Telur (egg).


Nasi Goreng Padang dengan Dendeng (fried rice).


My brother had the vegetarian menu, which looked equally delicious. The Sate tempe (bean cake sate) with Balinese seasoning and peanut sauce was robustly and full of flavours.


The Pisang goreng (fried bananas) was my favourite of the 3 desserts served.


Sumping waluh (steamed pumpkin cake).


Dadar gulung (coconut pancake) with palm sugar syrup, and coconut ice cream.


The dinner was accompanied by a local roving band that surprised us with a few Chinese songs.


The romantic fresco dining area at the meticulously-manicured lawn offers panoramic views of the ocean.


The tasting menu was superbly executed, providing a stream of local fare prepared with fine ingredients that show through in the rich flavours and freshness of the dishes. Prices are steep by Indonesia standard, but then Alila Villas is a 5 star establishment; and The Warung comes with matching ambience, quality and service that combine to create a unique destination-dining experience not to be missed.

Alila Villas Uluwatu 
Jl Belimbing Sari
Banjar Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu,
Bali 80364
Phone : +62 3618482166

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