Bale Udang, Prawny Delights Over Water


DSC05475DSC05446For our maiden dinner in Ubud, our driver recommended the under-the-radar Bale Udang. Bale means “floating pavilion” and Udang means “prawn” in Bahasa Indonesia.


No prizes for guessing that Bale Udang is a restaurant specialising in prawns served at quaint bamboo pavilions built over a large pond, almost a lake, teeming with fishes.



The main gazebo is a massive Cirque-du-Soleil-tent-like bamboo structure that’s amazingly built with just interlocking joints and no nails, or at least not that I can discern any.



The sprawling pond and surrounds are artistically lighted with bamboo lanters, with the rippling reflections creating a surreal ambience. Each bale has a bamboo tube that you can beat on with a smaller bamboo stick to summon the waitstaff. You are provided with packets of food pellets to feed the kois in the pond.


We had a very affordable feast – the barrage of dishes came in under S$100 for 5 people. The star of the dinner is the Honey Grilled Prawn, a wonderful mix of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours blending well with the fresh prawns, so crispy that you can eat it shells and all. Other items included the Corn fritters, Fresh vegetable with peanut sauce, Grilled Carp with sweet soya sauce, Spicy Deep-fried Carp with cobek style, Sautéed Prawns with green chilli, Sautéed Bean Sprouts with dry anchovy, Tomato Sambal, Shrimp Paste Sambal, and Balinese Raw Sambal. And of course this meal would not be complete without the obligatory Bintang beer.


Bale Udang turns magical as the sun sets; the artistic and cleverly-designed lighting from the numerous hanging lanterns and the mesmerising reflections on the water create a surreal Disneyland-like ambience. A must-eat if you are in Bali – Bale Udang outlet in Kuta too.

Bale Udang
Ubud: Jl. Raya Goa Gajah
Banjar Teges Kaninan, Desa Pelican
Ubud, Bali
Phone : +62 361978754

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