Mozaic, Fine Dining In a Balinese Garden

Eat, Pray, Love & Play Bali – Part 9.


Celebrity Chef Chris Salan’s Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique is the first restaurant in Southeast Asia to be recognized by the prestigious Traditions et Qualité association as a member of ‘Les Grande Tables Du Monde’ (The Grand Tables of the World).


Chef Salans needs no introduction, an awards-winning chef who’s constantly-evolving  menu consists of creations of whatever inspires him in the moment with ingredients sources across the island of Bail.


The restaurant occupies a sprawling space, with a beautiful house as the main entrance and lounge, secluded private dining areas and a gorgeously-lit alfresco garden underneath tall trees.


We were seated in a private area that was too dimly lit; and while we enjoyed the privacy, I would have preferred being in the garden dining area. As expected, the table setting is at fine-dining standard. Service was superb; with the maître d’ checking in on how we are doing regularly, and engaging us with light conversation.


The bread basket was a good sign of things to come; warm and fresh doughs.


The appetisers were rather fancy but very good, especially the cones of salmon mousse topped with roe.


The Grand Menu comes in 2 versions of 6 or 8-course degustation; as well as a 6-course vegetarian tasting menu comprising locally produced seasonal vegetables, indigenous herbs and flowers combined with Balinese spices.


The western version of the babi guling roasted suckling pig with pomelo was well executed; tenders and moist with crispy skin.


There’s a plate the fruits, vegetables and herbs that feature in the dishes; and they are pointed out to you as each dish is served.


The vegetarian dishes were artistically plated and needless to say very fresh.


The tomato sherbet palate cleanser was very refreshing.



The desserts were nicely assembled, with a combination of sweet and zesty flavours.


We were full by the time petite-fours  came, so we packed t for our driver who was patiently waiting for us.


Mozaic is indeed a worthwhile dining experience, with all the finery that you would expect of such a restaurant and it doesn’t disappoint. Chef Salan’s cooking rock solid, although I must say that the dinner on the night before at Restaurant Locavore was a lot more creative whereas Chef Salan’s style is more mainstream.

Jl. Raya Sanggingan,
Ubud, Kec. Gianyar
Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone:+62 361 975768


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