The Sayan House, A Blissful Marriage of Bali & Japan

Eat, Pray, Love & Play Bali – Part 11/11.


Our 1st dinner of 2016, and the final dinner of our holiday in Bail was at The Sayan House, strategically sited at the edge of Sayan’s cliff in Ubud. 


The Sayan House is set in a lovely wooden Balinese house with open-air terraces that offer panoramic views of the verdant valley below. It was too dark for us to enjoy the supposedly spectacular view but we could discern the Four Seasons Hotel in the distance, where we were that very afternoon.



The house is warm and intimate, chicly-decorated with Asian and Balinese accents; and is framed by a beautifully-landscaped garden that’s prettily lighted up in the evening by lamps.


Operated by the Japanese hospitality firm Plan.Do.See (that also manages Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe), The Sayan House serves up innovative and very satisfying causal fine-dining contemporary fare with Japanese and Asian influences, under the helm of Chef Yuki Tatami.


As expected, the salmon sashimi got us off to a great start, fresh and zesty.


Chef Yuki’s Porcini Royale Consommé – the consomme was prepared table-side using a Bunsen-burner syphon to blend the chicken broth with the shitake mushrooms, which was then poured onto the bowl of chawan-mushi – a very tantalising treat.


The sautéed Foie Gras Nigiri Sushi topped with shredded nori served with pickled ginger on the side was heavenly.


The seaweed crackers were addictive to munch on, accompanied by local condiments.


The ubiquitous avocado and tempura prawn maki was  a crowd-pleaser.


The Babi Guling maki with spicy sauce was fusion done well, the spicy pork combining well with the rice.


Wasabi is freshly grated at the table; a class act.


The risotto was passable, not one of our favourite.


On the other hand the spaghetti with babi guling was mopped up in a moment, a delightful mix of local ingredients done Italian style.


This dish had us stumped. We thought the pasta was gnocchi but yet didn’t feel like it. We learned that it was actually bread; which was perfect to soak up the rich tomato and cheesy sauce – very clever indeed; gave me an idea to use stale bread.


Desserts were delightful too, rich yet you can feel the balanced hand of the Japanese chef.


Overall, the fusion menu worked perfectly; almost all of the dishes are top-notch, perhaps we felt that way as we are partial to Japanese-influenced cuisine. What’s even better is that the prices are extremely reasonable for such a premium restaurant. Coupled with the attentive service, especially from the Indian gentlemen maitre d’ from Amsterdam (we were trying to guess his rather unique accent), the Sayan House is a great find – only problem is setting the dining bar set so high for day one of 2016.

The Sayan House
Jl. Raya Sayan No.70 Ubud
Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 3614792592

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