Tong Le Private Dining @ Revolving Tower


I was wracking my brain on what to buy for my Mum for Mother’s Day when it struck me that what she would love most is time with me – so a belated 1-on-1 mother & son lunch at Tong Le Private Dining.


The flagship of the TungLok Group, Tong Le Private Dining is housed  in one of 2 revolving towers in Singapore.


The tower revolves a full round in about 80 minutes, and offers changing panoramic views of Collyer Quay financial district and the Marina Bay.


Decor is elegant and understated with muted colours dominating. The premises is shared with a sister Japanese restaurant, Sushi Mieda, that likewise offers a premium dining experience over a limited counter space.

The cutlery, as befitting such fine dining.


In the afternoon, there are only set lunches that ranges from S$88 to S$250 per head. The meal stsrted with an amuse bouche –  Tomato infused with Roselle flower, a kind of Hibiscus. Tangy and fruity at the same time, it hit all the right notes to whet our appetite.


First course was the Trilogy of Dim Sum, beautiful both in aesthetics and taste. The “mushroom” bun is filled with salted egg yolk lava, the current rage in Singapore.


The nutritious Double-boiled Fish Maw and Sea Whelk Soup with Black Garlic was very unusual – aromatic and rich tasting – one of the best Chinese soups I’ve had, especially when served piping hot the way any good Cantonese soup should be. The molten fish maw was gelatinously addictive.


The Traditional-style Steamed Wild Fish with Fermented Chilli Sauce is a classic example where less is more; a simple dish that brings out the full freshness and flavour of the sea grouper, steamed to perfection and well paired with soy sauce.


The filler of Fried ‘Pi Pa’ Tofu and Crab Roe accompanied by Fragrant Rice in Bonito Broth was satisfying to the carb man, the rice moist with the aromatic broth.


The meal ended on high note with the  fancy Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo & Sago, where you can either drink the mango puree from the test tube or pour it into the condiments.


To work off the lunch, I took my Mum for a walk around the vicinity , revisiting nostalgic childhood memories of Clifford Pier where she brought me as a child to Kusu Island for an annual religious pilgrimage via bum boats. The pier is now part of an award-winning gorgeously designed Fullerton Bay Hotel.


The fine Chinese cuisine at Tong Le Private Dining is top-notch with superb quality ingredients. Service is impeccable. An expensive outing, but time with Mum is priceless.

Tóng Lè Private Dining
OUE Tower, Level 8 & 10
60 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049322
Phone: +65 6634 3233

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