Pocoloco, Italian Gem In the Heartland


Discovered Pocoloco, an  amicable Italian casual diner deep in the heartland of Ang Mo Kio, one of the largest housing estate in Singapore, next to a shop selling joss-sticks and prayer stuff.


The decor is basic but intimate, creating a cosy environment just like a real trattoria, made cheery  by PocoLoco’s open kitchen – wafting out an appetite-whetting garlicky  aroma – that churns out authentic and very affordable Italian fare.


The engaging appetisers  of tomato bruschetta, calamari and carpaccio heralded good things to come.


The Lobster (freshly air-flown from USA) Capellini in a bisque-like broth is great value at $22!


This tiny joint punches above its weight, even offering fancy dish like the Raw Oyster (from Canada) with Champagne Vinegar & Cream.


The pasta are good, al dente and flavoursome.


The steak was nicely done too.


On my second visit, we tried the various specials of the day.


The Grilled Pork Neck was excellent, pink and juicy and unbeatable value at S$18.


The creamy Burata was good too, especially when paired with the parma ham with a touch of balsamic vinegar.


As for the Capellini with Scampi, the pasta was nicely al dente, but the Scampi didn’t impress; was just passable.


The desserts are not too shabby; we liked the Cream Bulee and the Lava Chocolate Cake. The Strawberry Crepes with Vanilla Ice-Cream was let down by a too-thick skin. Pocoloco offers 2 house pours; the Chianti we ordered was very drinkable, and in keeping with the ambience.


Pocoloco is now our list of regular Italian haunts.

Blk 408, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 # 01-779, 408
Singapore 560 408
Phone : +65 8436 3363


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