Omakase Adventure @ 一宗壽司 in Taipei


Taiwan probably has the best sushi outside of Japan; at least those that doesn’t demand insane prices.


Intrigued by the glowing recommendation of my colleague, we headed for an omakase dinner @ 一宗壽司 (YiZong Sushi),  hidden down a quiet alley at a lovely old house. You could also make-believe that you are wandering down a neighbourhood alley in the land of the rising sun.


The place only seats 12 at the counter, decked out in classical authentic Japanese style – minimalistic with the generous use of  light wood.

dsc01977The counter seating afforded an engaging view of Chef-owner YiZhong at work


The experience turned out an amazing dinner.  All the courses were super fresh, comprising of top ingredients from Japan – think Botan Ebi, Uni and Scallops from Hokkaido; and equal quality local produce like the Squid, Wild Clams, and the grilled sweet “Black Throat” fish.


What’s unbelievable is that the entire experience cost under US$70 per head, and that’s with 2 flasks of sake! Must eat!

一宗壽司 (YiZong Sushi)
No. 3, Lane 313, Fuxing N Rd,
Songshan District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 105
Phone: +886 287121011

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