Alba White Truffle Ramen @ Uma Uma


This is the most expensive bowl of ramen I’ve ever had – at S$38 a pop.


It’s the Alba Truffle Ramen at Uma Uma Izakaya, the 1st day that this special version  is served to celebrate the truffles season. Apparently, the White  Truffle (which is better than the Black varietal) price has dropped 30% this year compared to prior years, due to heavy rainfall in the Alba region in northern Italy  resulting in its abundance. Even then, this precious mushroom costs around US$3,000 to US$7,000 per lb!


The Alba White Truffle Ramen comes in a dry version, accompanied by a molten Onsen Egg and Seared Pork Belly over warm strands of ramen. The heat from the noodle is supposed to warm up the truffles, in turn releasing its fragrance; and indeed it’s very aromatic.


You tossed the ramen till it becomes a gooey mess of delight, with an engaging juxtaposition of flavour, texture and scent. A worthy indulgence it is.


Uma Uma proclaim neat to 60 years of ramen making experience, first making its entry into  Singapore at the Forum the Shopping Mall. The name Uma Uma is derived from “Wu Maru”, a Ramen shop beginning in Hokkaido in 1953 by the father of Uma Uma Ramen’s current President, Masahiko Teshima. The son, on taking over the business in 1994, changed the name to “Uma Uma Ramen”; a play on the original name of the restaurant as well as a pun on the Japanese word for “tasty”.


The outlet we visited is at Nihon Street in Millenia Walk, featuring a row of Japanese eateries among a garden setting that’s subtly lit in the evening creating an oasis of zenness.


Besides a variety of ramen and small bites, it also serves charcoal-grilled Yakitori and Kushikatsu (deep-fried breaded skewers) as well as fancy  cocktails and drinks.


Uma Uma Izakaya is a rather a neat place to chill with hearty and comforting bites.

Uma Uma
9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-06,
Millenia Walk,
Singapore 039596
Phone: +65 6837 0827

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