Blue Lotus, An Eclectic Chinese Grill House


F&B veteran Ricky Ng’s eclectic Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House is perfect for hosting our guest from California.



This Chinese-tapas culinary concept in a smartly decorated space with an open kitchen is located at the swanky Tanjong Pagar Centre, recently crowned as the tallest building in Singapore.


The eclectic menu cleverly blends traditional Asian flavours with western cooking techniques. Our dinner kicks off  with the nectarous Hickory Smoked Honey-glazed Kurobuta Pork Belly.


The signature dish of Crab Balls comes as deep-fried dainty parcels of fresh crabmeat served with the signature zesty chilli pomelo sauce.


For carb-lovers, there’s the Hot Stone Pork Lard Truffle Flavoured Fried Rice that is cooked table side; or the  KL-style Braised Hokkien Mee generously laden with lard crisps.


Other dishes to savour are the crispy Chicken Skin with a Chilli Yogurt Dipper; flavourful Prawn Paste Boxing Chicken; succulent Ribeye Beef Cubes, Garlic Chips & Lime Sea Salt; Blue Mussels; and the Dong-Po Pork, a dish originating from HangZhou named in honour of the eponymous ancient scholar.


A standout of the evening is the melt-in-your-mouth marbled Roasted Australian Wagyu Beef Ribeye.


Portions are small; if you need to fill up, order the fiery Barramundi in Claypot Assam Curry Sauce and the pleasantly numbing Claypot Mapo Tofu topped with an Onsen Egg—delicious with the steaming hot rice.

21730987_10213347302212529_3479125765416408732_n (1)21751732_10213347303372558_551187152516604927_n

If you need a sweet ending, gun for the yummy Durian Crème Brulée or the Caramelised Banana. What the heck, go for both!


Friday nights feature a female duet belting out Shanghai blues. I love how Blue Lotus is modernised Chinese cuisine without losing its authenticity. With an innovative and reasonably-priced menu that’s well executed, this happening restaurant earns a place in my to-return list.

Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House
5 Wallich Street
Tanjong Pagar Centre#01-13
Singapore 078883
Phone:+65 69960880

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