This journal is about a Singapore kampong boy chasing his travel and food dreams.

Singapore, my home.            Photos credit: Andrew Yuen

I grew up in a little village near the old Singapore Airport, the predecessor to the  world-renown Changi International Airport. The village is so close to the airport that the details of the passing planes are clearly visible from our grounds. I can still vividly recall the anticipation of catching a glimpse of the first ever 747 Jumbo to arrive in Singapore.

As a young boy, I  would never tire of spotting the different national insignias on the tail of these jet planes roaring over the village everyday. Each passing plane would trigger dreams of adventures in faraway lands, and meeting interesting people of different races and cultures.

I took the first commercial flight in October of 1981; it was to Paris, no less! Since then, my work has taken me around the world – giving me the opportunity to discover fascinating places; savour amazing food and be inspired by exotic experiences. There’s this anonymous proverb “Be careful what you wish for”; in 2009 I travelled 275 days out of Singapore – that’s a lot of miles, places, hotel rooms, cuisines, and too many people.

Not withstanding that, I’m still  going strong, and have more dreams to chase and boxes to check on my bucket list. I’m blessed that I am able to share many of these experiences with my lovely wife Katherine, and my sons Andrew and Alan.

Here’s to chasing, living and sharing those dreams…enjoy!


P.S. How do I fund these dreams-chasing? Here’s what I did, and still do, for a living: Roger’s Profile.

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