Kubu – Stunning Riverside Degustation In Ubud

Kubu Restaurant @ the Mandapa Ritz Carlton Reserve in Ubud is one of those gorgeous dinner venues that you dream of, offering a fine Mediterranean-European cuisine degustation menu. The setting is like a scene from Inception – a stunning mystical village that stretches down the cliff sides of the Ayung River Valley. … More Kubu – Stunning Riverside Degustation In Ubud

OKU, Omakase Delight In Jakarta City

OKU in Japanese means the peeling back of the layers of an onion, and in poetry implies something abstract and profound, and is intended to represent the culinary journey that diners will experience at this restaurant, located in the heart of Jakarta and helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, who has cut his chops at several top-notch dining places – in Singapore at IZY and Waku Ghin in Marina Bay Sands, and Tetsuya’s in Sydney, creating a modern make-over on traditional Japanese dishes. … More OKU, Omakase Delight In Jakarta City

Yogyakarta Adventures – Historic Phoenix Hotel Rises

Phoenix Hotel – MGallery Collection is a heritage hotel in the heart of Yogyakarta that started life in 1918 as the private residence of a wealthy Chinese merchant. You can’t help but draw parallels with the Raffles Hotel; the Phoenix hotel is not as polished, but more authentic in some ways and feels less ‘manicured’ – the graceful property features lovely authentic Javanese antiques and artwork, with visible presence of Chinese aesthetics, such as the generous use of colourful tiles often found in Peranakan homes. A very affordable splurge for a dose of colonial history if you plan to visit Yogyakarta. … More Yogyakarta Adventures – Historic Phoenix Hotel Rises

Campuhan Ridge: Morning Trek, Scenic Balinese Cafe & A Wedding

Campuhan Ridge, just a few minutes’ ride from the center of Ubud, made a lovely morning hike. En route we passed a small village with local artists offering intricate paintings on canvas and even on wooden eggs. At the end of the trek, we were greeted by the lovely sanctuary of Karsa Cafe & Spa where we rested our weary feet and had a leisurely Balinese breakfast while feasting on the stunning views over the paid fields. Serendipity offered us a unique experience of a Balinese wedding preparation. … More Campuhan Ridge: Morning Trek, Scenic Balinese Cafe & A Wedding

Mozaic, Fine Dining In a Balinese Garden

Celebrity Chef Chris Salan’s Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique is the first restaurant in Southeast Asia to be recognized by the prestigious Traditions et Qualité association as a member of ‘Les Grande Tables Du Monde’. The Grand Menu comes in 2 versions of 6 or 8-course degustation; as well as a 6-course vegetarian tasting menu comprising locally produced seasonal vegetables, indigenous herbs and flowers combined with Balinese spices. Mozaic is indeed a worthwhile dining experience, with all the finery that you would expect of such a restaurant and it doesn’t disappoint. Chef Salan’s cooking rock solid, although I must say that the dinner on the night before at Locavore was a lot more creative whereas Chef Salan’s style is more mainstream. … More Mozaic, Fine Dining In a Balinese Garden

Locavore, Be Amazed By This Casual-Haute Ubud Restaurant

Restaurant Locavore in the heart of Ubud is my Restaurant of the Year 2015. As its name implies, the restaurant only uses sustainably-sourced local produce to create amazingly creative cuisine; even the ethnic-looking yet stylish plates and cutlery are sourced locally. Chefs Eelke Plasjmeijer and Ray Ardiansyah serve only two set menus of five to seven dishes. Don’t miss the Local Rice Risotto with Snails cooked in garlic butter topped with a 64°C slow-cooked duck egg. Flavours and presentation are top-notch, and service is earnest; what’s unbelievable is the price; under US$50 for the 7-course – we counted about 15 dishes with the freebies and snacks. Make the trip; it’s worth every penny. … More Locavore, Be Amazed By This Casual-Haute Ubud Restaurant

Remboelan, Wonderful Indonesian Soul Food

Remboelan, located in swanky Plaza Senayan in the heart of Jakarta, is famed for serving Indonesia Soul food, turning out affordable and tasty dishes based on traditional recipes from all corners of the Indonesian archipelago. All the home-cooked style dishes we ordered were delicious. Not to be missed is the Nasi Bakar Peda – grilled lemon grass fragrance rice, wrapped in banana leaf, stuffed with “Peda” fish, melinjo leaf and stinky bean; a hearty and titillating creation. … More Remboelan, Wonderful Indonesian Soul Food

Ibu Oka, Queen Of Babi Guling Roast Pork

Ibu Oka is an award-winning Ubud institution that draws foodies from all over the world. It started life as a roadside shanty selling Babi Guling (Balinese roast suckling pig), and was made famous by celebrity foodie Anthony Bourdain on his “No Reservations” TV program. The aromatic and succulent pork comes from a suckling pig stuffed with garlic, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass and chili and slow-roasted for hours. The crackling is amazingly thin and crispy, a sinful but yummy treat. … More Ibu Oka, Queen Of Babi Guling Roast Pork

Bale Udang, Prawny Delights Over Water

Bale means “floating pavilion” and Udang means “prawn” in Bahasa Indonesia; no prizes for guessing that Bale Udang specialises in prawns served at bamboo pavilions built over a fish pond. The star is the Honey Grilled Prawn, a wonderful mix of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours; the prawn is so crispy that you can eat it shells and all. As the sun sets, the place turns magical with the reflections of hanging lanterns simmering in the huge pond. … More Bale Udang, Prawny Delights Over Water

Agung Khalia, Villa In A Field Of Dreams

Agung Khalia Villa, located deep into the verdant paddy rice fields of Ubud, delivers a 5-star experience at 2-star prices. There are many reasons to love this hidden gem: its tranquility coupled with easy access to entertainment, fine dining and shopping; the magnificent natural beauty of the surrounds; the pervasiveness of traditions; the palatial comfortable of the Balinese villa; the warm hospitality of the crew – all come together to deliver a superb relaxing dream holiday. … More Agung Khalia, Villa In A Field Of Dreams