Xi Yan, Modern Inventive Chinese Fusion

Xi Yan Shaw is the causal sibling of Xi Yan Private Dining that serves contemporary, inventive Chinese cuisine. Originating from Hong Kong, this brand is founded by celebrity Chef-owner Jacky Yu, often credited with starting the private dining phenomenon in Hong Kong. The Szechuan-style Salivating Chicken with konnyaku noodles & century eggs is engaging. … More Xi Yan, Modern Inventive Chinese Fusion

Duddell’s, 2 Michelin-starred Dim Sum

Hong Kong’s 2-Michelin-star Duddell’s, located at the Shanghai Tang building in Central, offers a decadent experience of dim sum and champagne. Never thought they go together but it certainly works. Decor is eclectic – quiet elegance complemented by classic artworks; not your traditional Chinese restaurant. We stayed mostly with the dim sum, which is nothing fancy, just fresh ingredients well put together that, combined with the superb service, makes Duddell’s deserving of the 2 stars. … More Duddell’s, 2 Michelin-starred Dim Sum