Sarong Bali, Asian Street Food Fine-dining Style

Awards-winning Sarong opened in 2008, and is now one of the top tables in Bali. Celebrity chef & author Chef Will Meyrick assembles and re-invents street-food around Asia, plating and serving them fine-dining style in a lovely Balinese pavilion surrounded by beautifully-lit verdant gardens. The food is authentic and Chef Will pulls no punches. The multi-flavour Tuna betel leaf with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah and bumbu pasih is a mainstay of the menu. … More Sarong Bali, Asian Street Food Fine-dining Style

Sardine In A Balinese Padi Field

Sardine Restaurant at upscale Seminyak, housed in a sprawling bamboo structure with a leafy al fresco lawn decorated with comfy bamboo sofas shaded by black-and-white chequered parasols, serves up spectacular views of a verdant padi field that stretches into the horizoz. Seafood is their specialty; the Manis Clams steamed in coconut milk, lemongrass and Kaffir lime; and the Grilled Hamachi with sweet corn, edamame, sautéed blue crab, grilled asparagus and leek confit are expertly executed. … More Sardine In A Balinese Padi Field